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The Fit Figures Difference

At Fit Figures, you won’t get lost in the crowd. Our trainers make an effort to know your name, they tailor workouts to meet your specific needs and will offer you tips for reaching your full potential.

In addition to fitness training, we also offer nutrition and lifestyle coaching. We’ll help you set both long-term and short-term goals, along with creating a plan to achieve them. We provide the tools to keep you motivated, to maintain a positive attitude and to stay healthy and active outside the studio as well.

Special events and workshops are offered throughout the year such as healthy meal prep, mindfulness, stretching techniques and an annual hike. Check our events calendar often and join the fun!



When asking our clients why they choose to get fit at Fit Figures, they tell us:

      • The trainers really motivate me
      • I don’t have to plan my workouts – I just show up and get moving
      • I love the camaraderie here
      • Everyone here truly cares about my success
      • When I’ve hit a plateau, I just talk to a trainer and they suggest tweaks so I can get beyond it
      • It’s not a gimmicky weight loss program – it’s a complete nutrition and exercise formula that really works
      • I’m seeing results!
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Fit Figures Owner, Melanie McDowell, Shares Her Personal Success Story and the Fit Figures Concept

My journey in the fitness industry began when I was 48 years old. Having been physically fit for much of my life, when I reached the age of 46 I suddenly gained 25 pounds in two years. I was much distressed by the changes in my body and realized that I didn’t need a gym membership. I already had one where I received no personal training or attention. Whether or not I showed up, my bank account was charged monthly. I needed to enter a program where I was held accountable to my goal and given very specific attention to my lifestyle choices, particularly to my eating habits and balance between weight training and cardio. 

I was amazed and astonished by what I could accomplish with those tools and when I reached my goal of losing 25 pounds in six months, I had a new outlook on life and realized that I was passionate about women’s health. I wanted to help women do what I had done. So, with the help of my trainer, John, I opened Fit Figures, a studio that offers personal training and lifestyle coaching for small groups of women. Training with a personal trainer, one-on-one, is very expensive. The trainer watches you repeat various exercises and corrects your form. A very good trainer can train more than one woman at a time and give each woman the attention she needs, thus making it more affordable for the group as a whole. That is the concept behind Fit Figures. 

Melanie McDowell, Owner of Fit Figures LLC

Women, in groups, form intense bonds with each other as well as making progress towards their fitness goals. Each workout is split equally into weight training for toning and high intensity interval cardio training for fat-burning. And each client gets an individual body composition analysis where healthy goals are set and tracked through an online tool that tracks fitness goals. We encourage women to have short and long-term goals and we help each individual on her journey towards those goals. Women can book themselves through a phone app or select specific numbers of weekly appointments that are reserved for them for their entire membership. That is how we know that our members are actually coming in and can hold them accountable when they miss workouts.
Community is the special ingredient that differentiates Fit Figures from any other fitness center in Salem. Every month we organize social events outside the studio that are fun. We have bowling nights, dance lessons, hikes, 5K runs, and we contribute to the community through various charitable organizations, with an emphasis on women’s issues. We have challenges in the studio for women to win prizes for endurance and strength and all of our trainers are adept at creating workouts that challenge women of all ages and fitness levels. Many of our clients start out with physical limitations and/or medications for diabetes, hypertension, osteopenia, and a host of other ailments, and are pleased to have their doctors take them off those medications within months of joining our studio.
And we are very committed to helping women in our studio not only with fitness goals but with professional ones. We promote other women in their business ventures and often have clients run workshops in our studios where they can share their expertise and network.
Please feel free to book a free workout and consultation here on our website or call us at 603-912-4224. We will be happy to answer all of your questions and introduce you to the model that we have created specifically for women who want to live longer, healthier lives, and feel empowered again.
"This is the first time in my life that I look forward to exercising!"
Karen B.
Fit Figures Client